This year I have added some brooch kits and an Autumn Flower Ring made from finely woven British wools.  There is a new Ring of Hearts in mauve/pinks and silver which is suitable for any time of year.  The Holly Leaf garland is in cream and green this year and there are different colourways added to Catherine wheels and fir cones.

Liberty Fabric Necklaces – £6.50      Click on pictures to enlarge

One of our most popular kits, these necklaces are fun and easy to make.  White paper balls are pushed inside a tube of Liberty fabric and the tube is pushed through a 9mm bead.  The necklace ends are joined by a “joiner” bead.

The individual components can be found under Accessories - Paper balls, beads and fabric.


 Flower Brooch   –   Click on pictures to enlarge

A new kit for 2017 made with these lovely British wools woven in Yorkshire.  You will need a sewing machine to create them.  The kit contains three different wool fabrics, a reel of thread, a designer button and a brooch pin.  Price £6.50




 Ring of Hearts


Based on a 10″  wire wreath the Ring of Hearts kits contain everything you need, except toy stuffing, to make 12 hearts .  The Autumn Flower Ring is larger, made on a 12″ wire wreath.


No.5 Christmas Ring of Hearts

This wreath is made using traditional red, green and cream fabrics with gold.  I have included a tool for making covered buttons and the cover buttons.  Price: £24.95

No. 6  Ring of Hearts

Made from pinky/mauve and white/silver fabrics with lots of embellishments. Lovely for any time.  £27.50

No.7 Autumn Flower Ring.  Made from finely woven British wool, you will need a sewing machine to complete this project. £25.00

Ribbon Fir Cone Kits

Made from folded pieces of ribbon this kit takes about an hour to make.  No sewing involved!

No. 1 – Red and Gold  £6.00


No. 2 – Ribbon Fir Cone  £6.00


No. 3 – 2016 Red and Gold  £6.00


No. 4 – Two tone golds £6.50


More kits made from pieces of ribbon pinned onto polystyrene bases.

   Catherine Wheel – Red and Gold – £6.00

   Catherine Wheel -Gold and Gold – £6.00

   Catherine Wheel3 Red and Gold – £6.00

   Catherine Wheel – 4 – mauvey pink and silver – £6.00

Small green ribbon tree – £8.00

No 8 Red Stocking kit – £21.00 – adult size, just right for perfume, chocolates and CDs.  
No 8 Green stocking kit – £21.00 – a pair to the red one  
I liked the idea of an angel riding a shooting star.  The kit contains everything including the wooden shooting star.  Price: £6.50
Garland of Hearts

Garland of Hearts

Garland of Hearts.  This garland is made from lovely linens and contains lots of embellishments and all the wooden buttons and bobbins.  Great for any time of year.  £39.75
Patchwork Baubles

Patchwork Baubles

This kit contains everything you need to make three different baubles.  Price £15.00