Gallery and inspiration

Bunting.  I have bonded letters onto triangles and sewn the triangles together to form bunting.  We are currently putting together some fabric packs.


I have made this bunting by bonding the fabric onto heavy weight double sided fusible interfacing and then enhancing the wonderful artwork with embroidery stitches, buttons etc.


The 1st Day of Christmas


A display showing baubles made from fabric in different sizes.   The Catherine wheels and fir cone eggs are made from ribbons.  One tier shows turquoises, one pinks and purples and the third icy blues and silver.


3rd day of Christmas


Used on a white wreath the pinks and purples really stand out.


We have transformed these inexpensive labels (see under Accessories-Miscellaneous) into gift tags using scraps of ribbons and buttons and super sticky double sided tape.


These two decorations have been made using the Jumbo yo-yo maker and placing two yo-yos back to back, fastening them together with gold cord over sewn in place with invisible thread.  I have added stunning buttons to the centres and added a sumptuous tassel to make even more of a statement.  Hang them on the tree, on a door handle or add them to tie-back.


I am making this garland using the Clover Jumbo yo-yo maker and the Extra Large maker (see Accessories – Suffolk Puff Yo-yo makers).   I have edged the yo-yos with gold cord and used the button maker (see Buttons) to cover buttons with scraps of fabric.  They have then been sewn onto a piece of ribbon.

The first of my linen hearts