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Here you will find all you need to make wonderful Christmas decorations and gifts  We have a large range of ribbons and fabrics, polystyrene (see under Accessories) and much more.

We are a small company offering a fast and friendly service. To learn more click here

 All the latest Christmas fabrics have arrived.  There are some lovely pale apple green fabrics from Stof (see Fabrics-cottons-green) and  lots of silver/greys fabrics.  There are some ribbons I just could not resist – see Ribbons

If you need anything meanwhile just give us a ring -01937 581276



Ring of Hearts kit in silver and pale pink

Fairy Light Garland – £20.00 See Kits

Woodland animals panel - £5.50

A decoration made from 40mm ribbons (see Ribbons) and a polystyrene disc (see Accessories-Polystyrene).  Kits also available.


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